From the Offices of NAIA

From the President’s Desk ... September 1998

By | Published: 09/1/1998

When the modern animal-rights movement burst on the scene around 1980 following publication of Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation, most (the general populace and the media)saw it as an expression of great concern for the welfare…

Executive director’s message: April 1998

By | Published: 04/7/1998

Despite serious problems that still face responsible animal owners and users, NAIA charts a proactive rather than a defensive course.

From the president’s desk . . . March 1998

By | Published: 03/7/1998

The writer of an article in the newsletter of another society to which I belong, the Society for Veterinary Medical Ethics, urged full discussion of the animal-rights movement and avoiding sloganeering when addressing the public.

From the President’s Desk . . . October/November 1997

By | Published: 10/7/1997

I write this message on a dreary fall Saturday knowing that the animal-rights movement is all too alive and “unwell.” Friends and colleagues have been assaulted, and administrators have proven once again that “courageous administrator”…

Executive Director’s Message: October 1997

By Patti Strand | Published: 10/1/1997

There’s a revolution going on in animal protection circles — and we’re happy to say it’s fueled by the emergence of groups like the National Animal Interest Alliance.

Executive Director’s Message August 1997

By Patti Strand | Published: 08/8/1997

This has been an incredibly busy year for NAIA and its affiliates and friends. In January NAIA started the year in La Jolla with its third annual National Purebred Rescue Symposium.

From the President’s Desk . . . July/August 97

By | Published: 07/8/1997

This message will be short but very, very sweet. I just learned that Dr. Edward Taub was named a William James Fellow, the highest honor bestowed by the American Psychological Society, for his research leading to the development…

Executive Director’s Message: May 1997

By Patti Strand | Published: 05/8/1997

President Morrison continues to bring credit to NAIA and to our cause (the cause of dispelling ignorance) as a leading national spokesman for the importance of animal-based biomedical research. Most recently he was featured in the…

From the President’s Desk ... May/June 1997

By Adrian Morrison DVM, PhD | Published: 05/8/1997

Writing this message in April, a time of renewal, I am inspired to look at various glasses as half full rather than half empty. This contrasts with my attitude when writing a message for the last issue. You will recall I had to…

From the President’s Desk . . . January/February 1997

By Adrian Morrison DVM, PhD | Published: 01/8/1997

I write this message while taking a break from grading the last exam of the semester, inspired by observations of our veterinary student body at the University of Pennsylvania.

From the President’s Desk . . . May/June 1996

By Adrian Morrison DVM, PhD | Published: 05/8/1996

In the past few issues this column has focused on education. I thought this time I would focus on something that is a fundamental issue: killing animals for human use. This really gets to basics. I am taking my cue from something…

The Growth of Extremism

By Patti Strand | Published: 10/11/1995

Over the last hundred years, the United States, along with the rest of the western world has undergone what many historians consider to be the most dramatic transformation in all of human history: the shift from a rural, agricultural…

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