Executive Director’s Message: October 1997

Executive Director’s Message: October 1997

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By: Staff  Date: 10/1/1997 Category: | From the Offices of NAIA |

There's a revolution going on in animal protection circles — and we're happy to say it's fueled by the emergence of groups like the National Animal Interest Alliance. All across the country, animal welfare groups like NAIA are springing up. These new organizations are made up of hands-on experts who want to put their knowledge to work for animals in a positive and practical way.

The sad reality is that many people involved in animal welfare today, feel like orphans, abandoned by organizations they once admired and supported. Too often they discover those organizations have grown doctrinaire in their approach to animal issues and no longer perform hands-on animal care of any kind.

Despite this shift, their are still many knowledgeable and dedicated people working in the modern animal protection movement. NAIA works with outstanding individuals from the animal welfare community practically every day. They are well-motivated, hard working and far from radical — and they compose the majority of the grassroots animal protection movement today.


Patti Strand

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