Executive Director’s Message: May 1997

Executive Director’s Message: May 1997

Victories kick off 1997

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President Morrison continues to bring credit to NAIA and to our cause (the cause of dispelling ignorance) as a leading national spokesman for the importance of animal-based biomedical research. Most recently he was featured in the February Scientific American cover story opposing the animal rights fanatic Neil Barnard. Good Job!

The April issue of Cat Fancy ran an excellent cover article titled “Animal welfare vs animal rights: Where do you stand?” Effectively describing the broad range of views and philosophies currently occupying the animal issues landscape, author Lisa Hanks did a superb job with the piece, fully grasping her topic. Along with other resources it referenced our early book on the subject, the Hijacking of the Humane Movement, quoted us and referred readers to a listing of several well-known national animal groups, including National Animal Interest Alliance! We've come a long way.

At the regional level, Carol Williams, founder of the Clark County Purebred Breeders' Association, has just concluded an enormously successful long-term round of negotiations with county planners in Clark County, Washington. The outcome of months of work demonstrate that the rights of responsible animal owners go hand in hand with progressive social planning. Carol has served brilliantly and without fanfare as chair of the Animal Control Advisory Board in Clark County, the fastest growing county in the US, for the last year.

In Texas our affiliate, the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, under the positive and energetic leadership of Mary Beth Duerler, continues to thrive and has become the resource of choice for local lawmakers and social planners. Carol and Mary Beth have promised to submit articles for the next issue of NAIA News outlining their programs, operations and successes so others can benefit from their experience.

NAIA joined our Oregon affiliate, Responsible Dog Breeders' Association of Oregon this year and put on a bang-up benefit-auction to create an expansion fund for a local shelter, bursting at the seams from local population growth. Kennel club members, cattlemen, sheep growers, local veterinarians, sportsmen, pet supply stores, local merchants, national pet food companies, and scores of others gave their time and donated merchandise and services to make the fund-raiser a huge success. Earlier in January, the annual NAIA Purebred Rescue conference in La Jolla was also a huge success, thanks to the many fabulous speakers and the incredible hospitality of the local kennel club members.

Along with our victories, though, the high number of anti-dog proposals introduced this year should remind us to stay ever vigilant. Please pay special attention to Norma's articles covering changes requested by Doris Day Animal League to the federal Animal Welfare Act and Rosenthal's California SB 621. Get involved. Take action. The world is run by those who get involved. Even the stupidest ideas can prevail if no one challenges them. If you don't think so, just reflect for a moment on how we got to where we are today.

Congratulations to veterinarian Leo Lieberman, 1997 winner of the Geraldine R. Dodge Humane Ethics in Action Award. Dr. Lieberman won for his tireless efforts to promote to members of the animal welfare community and to fellow veterinary practitioners early neutering (approximately eight weeks — and before leaving adoption shelters) of puppies and kittens.

Lieberman prompted scientific studies showing that early neutering is safe; his contributions to animal welfare are recognized around the world. We at NAIA who have met and talked with Dr. Lieberman are very honored to count him among our members.


Patti Strand

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