Executive director’s message: April 1998

Executive director’s message: April 1998

NAIA’s future looks bright!

By: Staff  Date: 04/7/1998 Category: | From the Offices of NAIA |

Despite serious problems that still face responsible animal owners and users, NAIA charts a proactive rather than a defensive course. From the beginning, NAIA's founders sought a leadership role for NAIA and its expert members. They did not want NAIA to act only as an opposition group but to engage actively in problem-solving — in making our world a little better place. Finally, that direction is paying off.

NAIA membership keeps growing. During the last couple of months, dozens of new individuals and clubs have joined NAIA — kennel clubs, cat clubs, sportsmen and conservation groups, stockmen's association, veterinarians, dog and cat breeders and others.

Television and print journalists now call NAIA routinely for information about dog and cat breeding, puppy mills, agricultural practices, biomedical research, and the differences between animal rights and animal welfare.

Lawmakers and county planners use NAIA to develop reasonable ordinances and zoning laws.

Sponsors and advertisers support NAIA conferences and publications.

Finally — mainstream media “gets” the difference between animal rights and animal welfare and supports the right side.

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