Executive Director’s Message August 1997

Executive Director’s Message August 1997

A busy year . . . .

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This has been an incredibly busy year for NAIA and its affiliates and friends. In January NAIA started the year in La Jolla with its third annual National Purebred Rescue Symposium. In February, Scientific American featured an interview with our president, Adrian Morrison, DVM PhD. In March, NAIA and Responsible Dog Breeders' of Oregon co-sponsored a fabulously successful “Friends of the Shelter” auction dinner to benefit a local shelter .

In April, Cat Fancy magazine positively referenced our views and organization. In June, four NAIA representatives — Ken Marden, Teresa Platt, Marshall Meyer (who went as a PIJAC representative), and I — attended CITES in Africa, an incredible experience that will remain with all of us for the rest of our lives (see article). Special thanks to Americans for Medical Progress for their support in this venture. In July, Alternatives in Philanthropy listed the National Animal Interest Alliance as one of 11 national animal welfare groups worth supporting!

If you ever get down in the dumps and wonder whether the good guys stand a chance, read the articles submitted this month by state federation and association leaders. We've got some heroes in our midst! I feel extremely honored to know people such as Mary Beth Duerler of the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (San Antonio, Texas); Anne Edwards of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners; and Carol Williams of the Clark County (Vancouver, WA.) Purebred Breeders' Association. These people give endlessly of themselves, doing jobs and solving problems that few of their colleagues even realize exist. Many thanks also to NAIA board and staff members Anna Sadler, Phil Clifford and Patty Wood for their excellent articles in this issue of NAIA News. Their efforts secure a better future for our animals and for all people who care about animals.


Patti Strand

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