Animal Agriculture

The Red Cow: Bruce Was Born an Orphan

By Lana Kaiser | Published: 09/10/2012

Bruce was born an orphan - a tough way to start a life, especially if you are a calf born 21 days early by caesarian section and expected to live in a barn in March in Michigan…

The Red Cow: The Blue Cow

By Lana Kaiser | Published: 07/9/2012

From the time she was a calf, Blue stood out in the pasture…

We Live in a Marginal Zone

By Lana Kaiser | Published: 05/4/2012

Mother Nature is in control, and most times she has the last laugh.

The Red Cow: Cows with Names

By Lana Kaiser | Published: 04/3/2012

If you think naming humans is complicated, try cattle!

Denise Minger

By Administrator | Published: 02/26/2012

Fighting for nutrition in a world ruled by politics and ideology.

The Red Cow: Calves of Winter

By Lana Kaiser | Published: 02/25/2012

It’s a balancing act. Everything about raising cattle is a balancing act.


By Sharon Beck | Published: 01/7/2012

The federal government has chosen to introduce the Canadian wolf into Idaho, just across the river from our county. Their efforts have been wildly more successful than they had ever dreamed, let alone planned for. The numbers that…