Issues & Programs



  • NAIA Position Statements
    See NAIA Position Statements to learn where we stand on the issues.

  • NAIA Campaigns
    Support responsible animal ownership and reasonable laws to animal issues and environmental problems.


  • Homes For Animal Heroes
    Homes for Animal Heroes (HAH) is a national program dedicated to rehoming retired research animals, mainly dogs, and sharing the facts about the critical role animals in research play in curing disease.

  • NAIA Shelter Project
    NAIA's Shelter Project is dedicated to providing useful information about pet population trends. Through the leadership of The Shelter Project Director and volunteers from coast to coast, our data base is becoming a valuable resource. If you can help us by providing data from your shelter, we would appreciate it very much. To participate in our program and help with this important work, please contact us at

  • NAIA - Advocacy Center
    This section of the website is dedicated to the people who raise and care for animals; whether professionals, students, hobbyists, scientists, farmers, bull riders, breeders, trainers or veterinarians.

  • NAIA Rescue
    Animal enthusiasts have rescued the breeds and species they love and admire for years. NAIA encourages people to support, promote, and get involved in ethical rescue efforts, and we tell you how to get started here.

  • Discover Animals
    NAIA's new program serves as a public education resource to help provide accurate, useful and reliable information about animals in wild and domestic setting and responsible pet ownershipe.

  • Consider the Source
    NAIA's no-nonsense public education resource, designed to provide you with the most useful, reliable and up-to-date information about animals!