Sample Letter Opposing Ohio HB 437

Sample Letter Opposing Ohio HB 437

By: Norma Bennett Woolf  Date: 01/10/2012 Category: | Animal Legislation |

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Dear Representative Doe:

I am a pet owner and dog show exhibitor involved in obedience trials and field events with my Labrador Retrievers. As a dog owner and animal lover, I realize that Ohio needs a more comprehensive animal cruelty law. Therefore, it is with regret that I am asking you to vote against HB 437, the cruelty bill that may be scheduled for a floor vote as early as January 6th.

Although HB 437 contains provisions intended to protect animals in the state, it also

  • fails to require training for the humane agents who will enforce the law;
  • fails to exempt humane canine husbandry practices such as tail docking and ear cropping;
  • prohibits the confinement of dogs unless they can stand up to full height in the enclosure, preventing the temporary use of dog crates for shipping large-breed dogs by air or keeping them safe in homes and vehicles and at dog shows; and
  • improperly allows humane agents to take animals without a search warrant and allows the court to order forfeiture of dogs before the owner has been found guilty.

Under this law, an accused person could lose his animals at the discretion of the humane agent and the judge even if he is subsequently found not guilty of the charges. I think that's wrong.

Please vote "No" on HB 437 unless it is amended to exempt ear cropping and tail docking, allow for temporary confinement to crates that do not allow a dog to stand up to its full height, require training for humane agents, and eliminate the discretionary power of humane agents to impound dogs without a warrant and the court's power to order forfeiture of the dogs before trial.


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