Animal Legislation

New Law to Boost Trust in Legitimate Fur Trade

By Teresa Platt | Published: 01/9/2012

Late in October, the Senate passed by unanimous consent HR 4868, the Tariff Suspension and Trade Act of 2000, which includes a prohibition on the importation of any products containing domestic dog and cat fur. The House passed…

Huntingdon and backer Stephens sue activists:  Anti-research campaign has far-reaching consequences

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

Animal rights activists have taken their terrorist campaign against biomedical research to new heights with a multi-faceted scheme to drive Huntingdon Life Sciences out of business and send a message to other companies that use…

DeHaven Outlines AWA Enforcement,  Describes Current Agency Activities Related to Dogs and Dog Breed

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

The US Congress passed the federal Animal Welfare Act in 1966 in answer to complaints that stolen pets were winding up in research laboratories, Dr. Ron DeHaven, deputy administrator for the US Department of Agriculture Animal and…

California’s Cunningham Plans Anti-terrorism Bill To Protect Farmers and Researchers

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

With threats against Huntingdon Life Sciences, its employees, and its financial backers making daily news reports, California Congressman Randy “Duke” Cunningham plans to reintroduce his anti-terrorism bill “hopefully in the…

Court Sides with DDAL Interpretation of AWA USDA to Appeal

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

A Washington DC federal court ordered the US Department of Agriculture to begin licensing all dog and cat breeders in the US in a decision handed down in a lawsuit filed by the Doris Day Animal League.

USA Patriot Act also Covers Terrorist Acts of Radical Animal Rights, Environmental, and Anti-capital

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

On October 26, President George W. Bush signed the USA Patriot Act into law.

Kennedy’s Water Keeper Alliance Bashes Pork Producers

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

The Water Keeper Alliance, a litigious environmental group headed by Robert Kennedy Jr., has taken aim at Iowa pork producers in its campaign to eliminate large hog farms.

Summary Judgment: The Prairie Dogs that Weren’t There

By William Perry Pendley | Published: 01/9/2012

There is no evidence that Fish and Wildlife Service employees who charged Lin Drake of Cedar City, Utah, with violating the Endangered Species Act ever heard this poem:

“Yesterday upon the stair,
I met a man who…

Animal Interests Win In Farm Bill

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

Dog breeders and owners, scientific researchers, those who benefit from animal-based research, and wildlife scientists won several victories in the 421-page Farm Bill recently passed by Congress.

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh No!

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

Citing pet ownership of certain exotic species as “a growing national problem that must be addressed,” California Representative George Miller introduced HR 5226, the Captive Wildlife Protection Act, on July 25 to ban private…

Terrorism Law Strengthened But for Radicals, It’s Business as Usual

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

NAIA has worked for changes to the Animal Enterprise Protection Act for several years, and when President Bush signed the federal anti-terrorism act this summer, he brought those efforts to fruition. Along with provisions for protecting…


By Kenneth A. Marden | Published: 01/9/2012

The US Court of Appeals agreed with the US Department of Agriculture that hobby breeders should not be federally licensed and inspected and overturned a lower court decision in an animal rights lawsuit.

Activists Use Legislatures and Voters to Attack Farming Practices

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

Livestock farming practices are beset by activist attacks in two new arenas: at the ballot box and in state legislatures.

PPA Redux

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

We all knew it was coming and it’s arrived right on schedule! The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) has just begun shopping a new version of the mislabeled Puppy Protection Act to their activist constituents in order…

It Took Six Years, But Ohio Humane Agents Now Need Animal Husbandry Training To Do Their Jobs

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

After a six-year struggle, the Ohio State Legislature approved an animal cruelty law that requires training for humane agents and due process for owners accused of cruelty or neglect.

HB189 Fixes Ohio’s Dangerous Dog Law

By Patti Strand | Published: 01/9/2012

Update April 28, 2005: This bill has been sent to the Agriculture and Natural Resource Committee. Concerned dog owners need to contact their representative and the committee members below now.

NAIA Does Nashville – National Conference of State Legislators

By Patte Klecan | Published: 01/9/2012

On behalf of NAIA, Caren Cowan and I attended the National Conference of State Legislatures in Nashville, Tennessee, August 15 –18, 2006.  In addition to being on the Board of NAIA Trust, Caren is also the Executive Director…

Humane Societies Defeat Replacement Bill that Includes Standards for Shelters

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

The Minnesota Council of Dog Clubs and the American Dog Owners Association joined forces to fight the state’s cruelty to animals law as unconstitutionally ambiguous and vague, and Hennepin County District Court Judge Thomas…


By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

In 1998, Ohio HB 437, an anti-cruelty bill supported by the Humane Society of the US, was referred to the House Agriculture Committee after a floor fight over provisions denying due process to animal owners, and there it died when…


By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 01/9/2012

The City of Los Angeles is holding hearings on a proposal that is intended to end the euthanasia of unwanted dogs and cats in shelters and the dumping of pets on the streets but actually targets the responsible breeding of healthy…

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