Shelter Issues

Avanzino to Leave San Francisco SPCA

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 10/31/1998

Richard Avanzino, the charismatic, creative president of the San Francisco SPCA, plans to leave that organization after 22 years to head the newly-formed Duffield Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing pet adoptions…

A Performance Analysis of King County Animal Control Ordinance 10423, Enacted in 1992

By Lee Wallot | Published: 06/30/1998

This analysis will show that, despite King County Animal Control annual reports to the contrary, Ordinance 10423 has accomplished none of the goals its proponents said it would accomplish.

Teamwork Saves More Dogs

By Vicki DeGruy | Published: 06/30/1998

Purebred rescue groups and animal shelters have a common goal - to place abandoned pets into responsible, permanent homes. Unfortunately they often have a hard time working together to achieve it. In this month’s column, we’ll…

Animal Shelter and Pet Rescue Issues for the 21st Century

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 12/31/1997

On September 21, Gary Patronek VMD, PhD, stood in front of 200 rescue advocates in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and said that “pet overpopulation” is a meaningless term.

Need a Fundraiser for Your Local Shelter?

By Patti Strand | Published: 10/31/1997

Like many other states, Oregon is in the throes of a taxpayer revolt. Over the last few years Oregonians have authorized two separate tax reduction measures that have effectively slashed government funding for all but the most essential…

OVDO Wants Changes in Animal Cruelty Bill

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 10/31/1997

Ohio Valley Dog Owners is in the unenviable position of opposing an animal cruelty bill in the Ohio House of Representatives because it does not make exemptions for customary animal husbandry practices, require training or adherence…

San Francisco’s SPCA Leads the Way in Philosophy and Results

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 03/27/1997

A few years ago, when the San Francisco SPCA ended its animal control contract with the city and began a quest for reducing euthanasia of unadopted pets, rescuers and shelter workers throughout the country raised a hue and cry.

Canine Euthanasia Risks

By Patti Strand | Published: 03/27/1997

A three-year study of euthanasia risks in a Philadelphia-area animal shelter concluded that adult dogs are most likely to die, purebred dogs are more likely to be reclaimed by owners, and that compilation of such information is…

San Mateo Ordinance Fails Test of Time

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 03/19/1997

Year one of the San Mateo County Pet Overpopulation Ordinance coincided with an increase in euthanasia in the affected unincorporated county and a reversal of the prior down-trend.”

Behavior problems frequently seen in rescue animals

By Gary L. Clemons, DVM | Published: 03/19/1997

Rescue animals pose many problems that are not always apparent to those people adopting or rescuing them. Many of these medical problems may not surface for weeks, months, or, in some cases, years.

1996 NAIA Purebred Rescue Symposium

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 12/31/1996

The NAIA Purebred Rescue Symposium was held in Raleigh, NC, March 16 & 17th. Speakers brought a wealth of information to about 60 rescuers who attended with topics ranging from the human animal bond to preventing burnout.

Vet Visits, Obedience Schools Help Keep Dogs at Home

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 08/31/1996

Early in the 1990s, animal rights activists began campaigns to condemn breeders for the death of dogs and cats in animal shelters. “If you didn’t breed, we wouldn’t have to kill” the pseudo-logic went. “Every…

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