Canine Issues


By Patti Strand | Published: 08/28/2000

Portland, Oregon: The National Animal Interest Alliance urges dog lovers everywhere to wear red and black ribbons to show support for responsible dog ownership and opposition to Germany’s breed bans and restrictions.


By Vicki DeGruy | Published: 01/7/2000

The internet is the most powerful advertising tool that rescue’s ever had! It’s cheap and reaches millions of people in just a few clicks. Thousands of rescues and shelters have websites now. Pets and adopters are coming…


By Patti Strand | Published: 06/20/1999

For several years the radical veterinarian group Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (AVAR) has been pressing the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) to adopt a statement opposing ear cropping and tail docking.…

Is It Compassionate to Cut Down on Dog Breeding?

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 12/31/1998

There are too many homeless dogs dying in shelters.

In spite of recent attempts to collect the data, there are still no reliable national statistics to quantify the extent of shelter problems. Until shelters keep reliable…

In 98, California governor signs two dog and cat bills

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 10/31/1998

Dog and cat fanciers had their work cut out for them this year in California when three bills dealing with pet population issues showed up in the legislature. The Rosenthal bill, SB2102, was a breeder licensing bill that had several…

Avanzino to Leave San Francisco SPCA

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 10/31/1998

Richard Avanzino, the charismatic, creative president of the San Francisco SPCA, plans to leave that organization after 22 years to head the newly-formed Duffield Family Foundation, an organization dedicated to increasing pet adoptions…

Eugene Kennel Club Celebrates 50 Continuous Years

By Patti Strand | Published: 10/31/1998

n item in the August 15, 1925, Eugene Register Guard announced the organization of the Eugene Kennel Club to “sponsor a bench show in conjunction with the Lane County Fair, September 23, 24, 25.

A Letter To Tennessee Legislators

By Donna Malone | Published: 06/30/1998

Donna Malone, president, Responsible Animal Owners of Tennessee, wrote this letter in answer to a proposed spay and neuter law in her state. She invites people to plagiarize when such legislation comes up in other states and communities.

USDA keeps same old temperature rules

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 06/30/1998

After more than 18 months of deliberation, the US Department of Agriculture has decided not to change the temperature regulations for housing and transporting dogs and cats.

A Performance Analysis of King County Animal Control Ordinance 10423, Enacted in 1992

By Lee Wallot | Published: 06/30/1998

This analysis will show that, despite King County Animal Control annual reports to the contrary, Ordinance 10423 has accomplished none of the goals its proponents said it would accomplish.

It’s Not Politics, It’s Passion

By Pat Hastings | Published: 06/30/1998

“Dog shows are so political.”

How many times have you heard someone say that? How many exhibitors have taken the easy way out by attributing a missed win to politics?

Connecticut Lawmakers Pass Breeder Licensing Bill, Criminal Penalties Included

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 06/30/1998

The Connecticut State Legislature approved HB 5495, a bill that criminalizes breeders who do not apply for a kennel license. The bill allows unannounced inspections of registered kennels and imposes fines up to $1000 and jail terms…

Ethical Issues Confront Purebred Rescue Groups

By Vicki DeGruy | Published: 06/30/1998

n an endeavor as noble as rescue work, one might think questions of ethics wouldn’t come up very often. Actually, they’re common and can sometimes be difficult to deal with. They’re also wide in scope and numerous…

Reuse, recycle, rescue: Rescue means experience, specialization, and knowledge

By Vicki DeGruy | Published: 04/30/1998

For many of us, becoming involved in rescue wasn’t something we planned. Someone who knew we bred dogs knew someone who wanted to be rid of one and called to see if we’d be interested in it.

Dog training clubs confront serious challenges

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 04/30/1998

Ten years ago, dog owners had few choices for training their pets. Classes were sometimes offered in adult education programs, at local animal shelters, or at independent businesses, but the bedrock of dog training was the obedience…

1997 NAIA Rescue Symposium

By Patti Strand | Published: 12/31/1997

For several years, purebred dog fanciers have operated rescue programs for dogs that need new homes. Generally, the rescues are breed-specific, although some do cover several breeds that have small numbers of dogs needing help.…

Reuse, Recycle, Rescue: Just What Is This “Rescue” Anyhow?

By Vicki DeGruy | Published: 12/31/1997

What, exactly, is “rescue”? In its broadest sense, rescue is the rehoming of unwanted or abandoned pets. In the public’s mind, there is very little difference between rescue groups and animal shelters. In reality,…

Animal Shelter and Pet Rescue Issues for the 21st Century

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 12/31/1997

On September 21, Gary Patronek VMD, PhD, stood in front of 200 rescue advocates in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and said that “pet overpopulation” is a meaningless term.

California Federation Fights for Dog Owners’ Rights

By Judy Coffman | Published: 12/31/1997

The California Federation of Dog Clubs was formed in 1990 after the disbanding of Responsible Dog Owners of the Golden State. RDOGS had been successful in getting a state-wide generic dangerous dog law passed and so precluded the…

A Tale of Two Dog Laws

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 10/31/1997

Dog owners and fanciers are facing an onslaught of restrictive laws at state and local levels throughout the country. Animal rights activists promote breeder restrictions in the guise of consumer protection laws and solutions to…

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