California Federation Fights for Dog Owners’ Rights

California Federation Fights for Dog Owners’ Rights

By: Judy Coffman  Date: 12/31/1997 Category: | Canine Issues |

The California Federation of Dog Clubs was formed in 1990 after the disbanding of Responsible Dog Owners of the Golden State. RDOGS had been successful in getting a state-wide generic dangerous dog law passed and so precluded the passage and enforcement of breed-specific legislation anywhere in the state. Although it was a model for many states, RDOGS disbanded , leaving California dog fanciers without a voice in legislative matters. CFDC has picked up the banner. We are an organization of clubs - breed, all-breed, obedience, field, whatever. Each club is entitled to a delegate who may vote on any issues that come up for dog fanciers in the state.

California dog fanciers have been faced with SB 621, a bill introduced by Senator Herschel Rosenthal (D-Van Nuys). Senator Rosenthal would regulate dog breeders and require them to warranty their "product" just as manufacturers of toasters are required to do. He would put us under the state's Department of Consumer Affairs with a regulatory commission overseeing all dog breeding in the state.

CFDC is primarily an educational organization, but we exercise our right to an exemption under our IRS 501 (c) 3 tax status to allow us to use 20 percent of our averaged income to influence legislation. We are currently looking for a lobbyist who will put forth our ideas for any future legislation and to defeat SB 621. We cannot do this with a few dozen member clubs and several dozen individual members - we need money and we need it now!

SB 621 is scheduled to go to a Judiciary Committee hearing in January. If this bill isn't defeated, it will spread all over the country just like the San Mateo ordinance did and continues to do. CFDC recently invited all clubs in California to join our ranks. The dues are minimal for any club, but won't sustain the effort we have to put forth to defeat this bill and any other adverse legislation that may come up in the future. Please support CFDC with donations so we can defeat SB 621 and work on future legislation.

Membership applications are available from (and donations can be sent to)
Shirley Mangini, Treasurer,
222 Railroad Avenue,
Danville, CA 94526
Phone: (510) 820-3449;
FAX: (510) 820-7928;

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