Canine Issues

Are there too many dogs and cats?

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 03/19/1997

Pamphlets on pet overpopulation with pictures of sad-eyed puppies and kittens and starving, sickly adult dogs arrive in the mail periodically with pleas for funds, exhortations to spay and neuter anything that looks like a dog or…

Pennsylvania Has New Dog Law

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 02/28/1997

Pennsylvania’s governor signed on the dotted line last December and opened the door to fragmentation of the state’s animal control program. Act 151 gives some cities and all counties the right to establish their own…

1996 NAIA Purebred Rescue Symposium

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 12/31/1996

The NAIA Purebred Rescue Symposium was held in Raleigh, NC, March 16 & 17th. Speakers brought a wealth of information to about 60 rescuers who attended with topics ranging from the human animal bond to preventing burnout.

Vet Visits, Obedience Schools Help Keep Dogs at Home

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 08/31/1996

Early in the 1990s, animal rights activists began campaigns to condemn breeders for the death of dogs and cats in animal shelters. “If you didn’t breed, we wouldn’t have to kill” the pseudo-logic went. “Every…

Persistence pays; Rottweiler kennel closed

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 06/30/1996

For eight years, Barbara DeWilde talked to everyone who would listen and plenty of people who wouldn’t. She complained, she collected others’ complaints, and she referred complainants to the appropriate agencies in Clackamas…

AKC Actions Taking Toll on Commercial Kennels

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 02/28/1996

AKC rules for registration and identification of breeding stock require breeders to keep detailed records of their breedings and number of pups in a litter and to identify every dog so that anyone could match the page in the record…

AKC Canine Health Foundation Opens the Door to Better Health for Purebred Dogs

By Norma Bennett Woolf | Published: 02/28/1996

For many years, the American Kennel Club has backed research into canine diseases. Early efforts included money for the Genetic Disease Information System, a database for veterinarians developed at the University of Pennsylvania…

Basic Rules of Ethical Rescue

By Patti Webb | Published: 01/8/1996

It is important to remain in good standing with your community and maintain a good working relationship with your area shelters and your fellow welfare volunteers. A history of negativity, deceit, jumping to conclusions, or inability…

1995 NAIA Purebred Rescue Symposium

By Patti Strand | Published: 12/9/1995

About six dozen purebred rescue advocates gathered at the Holiday Inn Lakeview in Clarksville, Indiana, on March 16 to discuss the vagaries of working in purebred rescue efforts. The speakers were tops in their fields of rescue,…

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