Order “If I Ran the Dog Show” for Your Dog Club!

Order “If I Ran the Dog Show” for Your Dog Club!

By: Patti Strand  Date: 04/29/2013 Category: |

In a recent blog, we wrote of our project to get Kennel Clubs involved with sharing the fun and educational book, If I Ran the Dog Show with their communities. It's a cute and colorful little book with a positive message -- much needed in today's world of purebred dogs and dog sports -- and the response has been wonderful so far!

Unfortunately, our blog isn't exactly front-and-center on our website's home page, so it is no surprise that we have had a lot of people tell us they are excited about the books... yet have no idea how to order them. But never fear -- getting a copy for your kennel club (or your family and friends or yourself!) is incredibly easy:

Each copy is only $6, and that includes shipping and handling. You can either order through the button our main donation page,or directly through this link to PayPal. Yes, that's all there is to it! And alternately, you can mail a check to NAIA at:

PO Box 66579
Portland, Oregon 97290-6579

(if ordering by check, make sure you specify how many copies you would like us to send you!)

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