Purebred Dogs: The Next Endangered Species?

Purebred Dogs: The Next Endangered Species?

By: Staff  Date: 05/26/2011 Category: | Canine Issues | From the Offices of NAIA |

As promised in last week's announcements, we've been working like mad to make this year's National Conference on purebred dogs one for the ages... and if I don't say so myself, we've already managed to put together a fantastic set of presentations and speakers.

The topic itself could not be any more timely, as purebred dogs face more challenges today than ever before: negative media campaigns, legislative assaults, shrinking gene pools, and even class-warfare!

Given what we're up against, it is no surprise the image of purebred dogs has been tarnished. And frankly, I'm not sure anybody would blame us if we decided to circle the wagons in an effort to ride this storm out.

But what fun would that be?

So we've crafted this year's conference not as a simple gloom-and-doom affair on the state of purebred dogs -- no, this is a celebration and a new beginning. We're here to focus on the status of purebred dogs, to learn from the experts, and to celebrate the outstanding breeders and organizations that work to help us preserve the dogs we love.

Purebred dogs don't have to be the next endangered species.

Click here to read the current lineup and topics for this year's conference. More speakers (and a few surprises!) will be added, so be sure to check back regularly. In the meanwhile, feel free to sign up below. Early-bird registration will be available for a few more weeks, saving you $100, and there are still group rate rooms available in the Hilton Harrisburg. Can't wait to see  you there!


Patti Strand, NAIA National Director

Sign up today for the 2011 NAIA National Conference and receive $100 OFF!

This year’s national conference is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania from November 12-13. Reserve your spot today and save $100! We have also reserved a large block of rooms at the Hilton Harrisburg at the special group rate of only $100 per nigh

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