Florida SB 674: Signed!

Florida SB 674: Signed!

By: Patti Strand  Date: 04/26/2013 Category: | Rescue | Shelter Issues |

Progress in Florida for responsible rescues and pet owners: Governor Rick Scott’s signature is now drying on SB 674 (House companion HB 997). This is a bill requiring that:

each public or private animal shelter, humane organization, or animal control agency operated by a humane society or by a county, municipality, or other incorporated political subdivision prepare and maintain specified records; specifying the information that must be included in the records; providing a maximum fee for copies of such records; providing an effective date.

Just as importantly, the bill also recognizes the irresponsibility and danger of unchecked humane relocation:

Importation of dogs and cats from outside the United States could result in the transmission of diseases that have been eradicated in the United States to dogs and cats, other animals, and humans living in this state.

With better record-keeping and accountability, we've made great strides at curbing the most tragic excesses of this practice.

We'd like to extend a big thank you to the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs and Pat Mixon who led the battle on the ground, the leaders in veterinary medicine and animal control who lent their time and their voices, and of course our sister group, the NAIA Trust of Florida!

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