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The following quotes are from Ingrid Newkirk, founder and president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PeTA). PeTA is considered by most to be the world's leading animal rights organization.

"Humans have grown like a cancer. We're the biggest blight on the face of the earth."
(Readers Digest, June, 1990)

Meat eating is "primitive, barbaric, and arrogant."
(City Paper, 1985, Feb. 1990)

"Even painless research is fascism, supremacism."
(Washington Magazine, Aug. 1986)

"A rat is a pig is a dog is a boy."
(Washingtonian Magazine, Aug. 1986)

Pet ownership is an "absolutely abysmal situation brought about by human manipulation."
(Washingtonian Magazine, Aug. 1986)

"If my father had a heart attack, it would give me no solace at all to know his treatment was first tried on a dog."
(Washington Post, May 30, 1989)

Even if animal tests produced a cure for AIDS, "We'd be against it."
(Vogue, Sept, 1989)

"Six million people died in concentration camps, but six billion broiler chickens will die this year in slaughter houses."
(Washington Post, Nov. 13, 1983)

"I know it's illegal [trespassing], but I don't think it's wrong,"
(Montgomery County, Md. Journal, Feb. 16, 1988)

"When we build an attractive home, we raze land on which animals have already built their homes. They have nowhere to go."
( Reason, June, 1990)

"I don't use the word `pet` I think it's speciest language. I prefer `companion animal.` We would no longer shops. Eventually companion animals would be phased out.

" Medical research is "immoral even it it's essential."
(Washington Post, May 30, 1989)

"I am not a morose person, but I would rather not be here. I don't have any reverence for life, only for the entities themselves. I would rather see a blank space where I am. This will sound like fruitcake stuff again but at least I wouldn't be harming anything. All I can do-all you can do-while you are alive is try to reduce the amount of damage you do by being alive."
(Washington Post, Nov. 13, 1983)


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