By:  Date: 09/28/2007

NAIA Newsletter: September 27, 2007

"These are exciting times for NAIA," said Patti Strand, NAIA National Director and Chairman. "During the last few weeks NAIA has moved its offices to the US Bancorp Tower in downtown Portland and employed a very talented and capable executive director."

NAIA is pleased to announce that Kristine Phillips has joined NAIA staff as Executive Director.

Kristine has an extensive background in politics and non-profit development. A native of Michigan, she attended Kalamazoo College, receiving a B.A. in Political Science, and later moved to Washington, D.C., to obtain her M.A. in Public Affairs from American University. She relocated to Oregon in 1998 to explore the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and pursue a career in politics.

Kristine brings 15 years of experience in developing and managing public interest non-profits and political campaigns. She channeled her passion for politics into a variety of exciting jobs in Washington, Michigan and Oregon, working as a legislative aide, campaign manager, fundraiser for a statewide initiative campaign and gubernatorial race, and development director for a statewide organization. Most recently, she served on the Government Relations team at Tonkon Torp, LLP, lobbying the Oregon State Legislature on a broad range of issues, including animal advocacy.

In her free time she enjoys backpacking, running, biking, experimental cooking, and playing with her black Labrador Retriever puppy.

"With Kristine as Executive Director and a wonderful new office environment," says Strand, "there's renewed energy and a sense of optimism in the air. Thanks to our many loyal supporters, we have expanded our capacity and reached a new level of professionalism that is certain to benefit everyone who cares about animals!"

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