Summer 2012 Animal Policy Review

Summer 2012 Animal Policy Review

By: Norma Bennett Woolf  Date: 08/16/2012 Category: | From the Offices of NAIA |

This season's Animal Policy Review is now available for casual perusing. The publication can be viewed here in PDF Format. Several back issues are also available in our newsletter library.

The Animal Policy Review is a publication of the National Animal Interest Alliance dedicated to the analysis of legislation, regulations, and policies that affect animals and animal owners. In the current issue:

  • The USDA draft rule brands home breeders as commercial operators
  • Egg farmers are trapped between a rock and a hard place
  • Judge allows circus racketeering suit to proceed against ASPCA, HSUS
  • Windmills kill Americas eagles, hawks and songbirds but no one pays

...And a whole lot more!


Under the USDA draft rule, hobby breeders could be labeled as commercial kennels: Featured Article

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