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John Pepper, CEO of Procter & Gamble Company, was the victim of a pie-in-the-face attack by an animal rights activist at a Columbus, Ohio, awards ceremony. Melynda Duval, a member of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, followed Pepper to the podium and rubbed the tofu pie in his face. She then faced the audience of 200 newspapermen and accused P&G of poisoning animals in product tests and said that Pepper should be ashamed.

Pepper never lost his composure. He wiped the pie from his face and accepted the Governor's Award from Governor George Voinovich for helping Ohio Schools.

PeTA immediately took "credit" for the attack.

"This is basically a silly thing to draw attention to a serious issue," said PeTA spokesman Michael McGraw. "A little cream on his nose is far removed from the animal suffering in P&G laboratories."

P&G has been a world leader in developing alternatives to animal testing and has reduced its use of animals considerably in the past several years. The company is also part of a cooperative to promote the development of alternatives.

However, according to Americans for Medical Progress, PeTA will target P&G in its 1998 campaigns.

In a recent newsletter, AMP said that PeTA president Ingrid Newkirk announced a new "major international campaign" against the company. The announcement came in the latest fund-raising letter to PeTA contributors in which Newkirk claims victories over Huntingdon Life Sciences, Boys Town, Gillette, and NASA animal research projects.

"PeTA has sent a very crystal clear message to all animal abusers worldwide - that vivisection is not just bad science, it can be very bad business as well." She urged people to contribute so that PeTA can continue its work against "billion-dollar animal abusing behemoths like Procter & Gamble."

Other animal rights groups are ready to join the campaign against P&G. In Defense of Animals will hold its "Global day of action against Procter & Gamble" on March 28.

Duval was arrested and taken to Franklin County jail on a charge of disrupting a lawful meeting. Pepper said he will not press charges.

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