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Website Contributors and Volunteer Staff

NAIA's board members are volunteers from a wide variety of animal fields, including dog and cat associations and sports, animal agriculture, rodeo, medical research, veterinary medicine, wildlife management and hunting associations, entertainment and education. They are distinguished and respected members of their respective communities and serve without compensation in support of NAIA’s mission and goals. We are honored by their service.

NAIA Website Contributors

Diana Culp
Experienced animal control officer, shelter supervisor and former veterinary assistant, Diana Culp has a master's degree in behavior, and is the former Director of Education for the Humane Society of the United States. She currently teaches at the East Coast Animal Control Training Academy and as an adjunct professor for Duquesne University's Humane Leadership Bachelor's program. Diana Lives on a small farm in Maryland where she rehabilitates rabies vector wildlife species through a permit from the Department of Natural Resources. You can also find her at pethelp.net and Puppy Mill Alternative on Facebook.
Lana Kaiser
Lana Kaiser, born in Buffalo, NY, received a BA in English from SUNY at Buffalo with plans to be a poet – not a financially viable career. She is a graduate of Michigan State College of Human Medicine, a Board Certified (Human) Internist, a Professor in the Departments of Physiology and Medicine, in the College of Human Medicine at MSU and trained as a biomedical researcher with a focus on cardiovascular pathophysiology and parasitology.

She is a founding member of the Human-Animal Bond Initiative, a group designed to scientifically study the interaction between humans and animals.

A 1995 graduate of the College of Veterinary Medicine, MSU she resides on a farm in Mason, MI where she raises Maine-Anjou and Red Angus cattle. She has a beef cattle practice, consults for several agricultural entities, writes for several cattle publications and was instrumental in providing accurate information to breeders on recessive genetic defects. She is actively involved in issues of animal behavior and welfare at the county, state and national level and is a member of the MVMA and AABP Animal Welfare Committees and the Dean Foods Animal Welfare Advisory Council.

Sara Chisnell-Voigt
Sara Chisnell-Voigt is Legal Counsel for the United Kennel club (UKC), where she is lucky to incorporate her passion for dogs into her job. Originally from rural eastern Ohio, Sara grew up a country girl heavily involved in 4-H with dogs and later horses, and always knew her livelihood would be something involved with animals. She went to college to become an equine veterinarian, but after taking an equine law class, she decided that law school would be a better fit. She ended up at Michigan State University School of Law where she remained focused on all things animal, writing on a variety of animal law issues.

Since then, Sara’s expertise has grown by leaps and bounds through her work at UKC and her activities with her dogs. You name the activity, she’s probably at least tried it with her dogs, but she most actively competes in hunt tests, dock jumping, disc, and conformation. Outside of competition she enjoys upland hunting in the fall with her younger German Shorthaired Pointer and skijoring in the Michigan winter. Sara currently has a Weimaraner, an Australian Cattle Dog, a rescue Border Collie, and 2 German Shorthaired Pointers. When she’s not busy at UKC advocating for dog owners, she’s usually off training her dogs or riding dressage for Butternut Farms.

“My own daily experience with the human-animal bond makes me passionate about advocating for and protecting that bond from those who seek to take rights away from animal owners like me, who best understand and appreciate that bond.” 

NAIA Volunteer Staff

Sue Cone
Sue Cone, NAIA’s Research Coordinator, works for all of us 24/7 collecting and then distributing to key online groups new online information and reference materials on animal issues and animal rights extremism, including articles, lawsuits, new legislative proposals, and other noteworthy items. She also tracks animal rights and environmental extremist acts for NAIA’s website. In her private life, Sue is an accomplished obedience trainer and competitor, purebred dog enthusiast and a former emergency nurse.
Barbara Reichman
Barb Reichman, the NAIA Shelter Project Director and Community Outreach Coordinator, is a Golden Retriever enthusiast, a champion of responsible pet ownership and a long time NAIA supporter. Barbara has represented NAIA at numerous events, presenting educational material to the public and offered her expertise to related organizations and lawmakers. In her role as Shelter Project Director she has collected and managed shelter data and developed a nationwide network of volunteers. Because of her efforts, dog and cat lovers everywhere have a growing body of factual information about shelter population trends.