Marcy Covault: Advocate for Home Aviculturists

Marcy Covault: Advocate for Home Aviculturists

Marcy Marcy Covault started with birds at age seven, with her first green budgie. He talked, did tricks, and was a much-loved member of her family.

Marcy raised Arabian horses and maintained MacDonald's farm, with chickens, dairy goats, calves, and rabbits while her children were in FFA and 4H, but her love of companion birds was always there. In the early 1990s, she began Feathered Companions Aviary. Over the years, Marcy began specializing in smaller species of parrots that she felt were most adaptable to human and bird flocks, handfeeding youngsters and socializing them for pet homes, as well as raising rarer species for other breeders in order to preserve that species for the next generation of bird lovers. She is currently raising several species of conures, Pacific parrotlets, and Indian ringnecks.

Marcy's experiences have inspired her to write articles of what she has observed and learned, and to help educate others. Most past articles are on her website at She believes that all aviculturists have an obligation to provide owner-education for the best care for these wonderful feathered creatures that share families' homes and hearts.

Through many bird e-lists, Marcy networks with other aviculturists actively supporting responsible birdkeeping, as well as organizations that are concerned with the well-being and re-homing of parrots. She also participates in animal interest lists which are concerned with current trends that are eroding the rights of companion animal owners in the U.S.



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