NAIA Store

Welcome to the NAIA virtual mall where you get two for the price of one: with every shopping purchase, you also support NAIA's mission to protect and enhance the human-animal bond.

Our cyberspace shopping center has two main divisions:

The NAIA store features customized merchandise, including mugs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, caps, and more so you can proudly display your support of our mission and spread the word as you go about your animal-related business or pastime.

The NAIA affiliate section is where you can order books and stamps from internet stores that donate a percentage of every purchase to the NAIA cause.

Special note: we are proud to have on hand a small supply of Made for Each Other,Meg Daley Olmert's wonderful book on the biochemical, evolutionary, and historical roots of the human-animal bond. Order her book directly through NAIA for only $12, and receive it free of shipping charges! Click here to begin your order.

Happy shopping!