Homes For Animal Heroes

What is Homes for Animal Heroes?

Our bond with dogs runs deeper and travels farther back in time than any other human-animal association. No wonder dogs have been dubbed Man’s Best Friend. Dogs are our companions and working partners: they are family members; they guide people with special needs; they assist police, fire, and rescue personnel; they herd and protect livestock. Simply put: if we do it, dogs do it with us!
One of the most significant benefits of this age old bond – and one that is not always fully appreciated – is the dog’s enormous contribution to our understanding of disease, and how to prevent, treat, and cure it. Dogs and humans experience many of the same ailments, from heart disease to cancer, so what we glean from studying dogs in medical and scientific research yields treatments that improve and save the lives of both humans and animals.
Homes for Animal Heroes ensures that these wonderful dogs will be placed in loving family homes when their studies are complete. Homes for Animal Heroes supports medical progress and all of the heroes who make it possible. Support a Hero!  Support Homes for Animal Heroes!
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