Never Underestimate the Power of One

Never Underestimate the Power of One

By: Kerrin Winter-Churchill  Date: 07/4/2006

In American society where political correctness reigns supreme, the breeding and showing of purebred dogs is far too often looked down upon as archaic and vain.  Truth be told, most of the world's purebred dog detractors know very little about them or the people who dedicate their lives to the pursuit of breeding.  In the face of breed specific legislation, mandatory spay and neuter laws and the persecution of our individual freedom of ownership, the future of the purebred dog seems rather bleak.  These days when someone tells me they believe in the mandatory spay and neuter of "All dogs", I counter with the idea of an Orwellian society.  Here, dogs are sold on the black market for five and six figures.  In a world like that, only the very rich will own a dog - "But", as I always like to point out, "How will even the very rich, find a puppy to buy?  Who will make the puppies?"

Surface thinkers are quick to catch fads, buzzing on key phrases without ever stopping to examine their premises. Do they actually love dogs?  If they do, have they considered to whom the responsibility of making dogs is going to fall - when the shelters run dry, and all the house dogs have been spayed or neutered? Where will the next generation of dogs come from and how many thousands of dollars will they cost? (Sigh)

If only all of today’s dog breeders were as passionate as those early dog men and women who cultivated our breeds.  Here were tenaciously brave dog folk who risked everything - their very lives - for the sake of something they believed in - the right to breed dogs of their choosing. The breeders featured here were not so different than you and me.  Just as we fight for our right to freely and responsibly breed dogs in America, they fought Nazi death camps and Communist oppression.  These people fought valiantly and because of them, their breeds came shining through.  Let us hold a torch to these early dog breeders and may we never forget what they always knew in their hearts - "Never underestimated the power of One."

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