USDA APHIS Seeking Comments for New Class C Regulations

USDA APHIS Seeking Comments for New Class C Regulations

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USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) is considering new regulations for Class C licensees and is asking for public comment in several areas.

USDA oversees different types of animal ownership tiers, such as breeders, dealers, and exhibitors that engage in commercial activity. Those who wish to exhibit animals must apply for and be approved by USDA under a Class C license to do so. This includes both private individuals and large zoological facilities. License requirements and maintenance follow the rules of the Animal Welfare Act. Licensees are subject to inspections from USDA inspectors and veterinarians.

With the new proposed rule changes, USDA APHIS would like for licensees to have new regulations regarding dangerous animals, human-animal interactions, staff training, and environmental enrichment for the purpose of improving animal welfare and public safety.

Since the Big Cat Public Safety Act is now law, animal rights groups are celebrating their win by pushing the envelope even farther. By attacking low hanging fruit like exotic animal ownership, they are able to reach more people and governmental bodies, making it easier to pass bans on more commonplace and popular activities, such as rodeos.

It is imperative that those who want to preserve the human-animal bond also support the law-abiding citizens that work with different types of animals. We can all agree that animal welfare is the number one priority. By reading through the proposed rule changes and submitting comments from an animal welfare perspective, one can help provide constructive comments that will enable Class C licensees with common sense regulations instead of crippling them with unrealistic demands. PeTA is already all over this announcement, and has a webpage dedicated to coaching their supporters on what to say. The animal industry has experts from many fields and we should be the voice of reason in the flood of comments.

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