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NAIA brings diverse animal experts to DC to discuss the impact of animal rights and environmental radicalism

NAIA's strength lies in its ability to bring together a broad spectrum of animal enthusiasts and trainers, scientific researchers, farmers, veterinarians and ranchers, game managers, and others who deal with animals and the environment in their daily lives. The Price We Pay conference in Washington DC in March met the challenge: speakers told their stories about the economic and personal damage done by the extremists, traced the history of violence in the animal rights movement, and talked about the insidious nature of this destructive syndicate of front organizations and terrorist groups.

Noting that NAIA makes a principled stand for the rule of law, open debate, individual freedoms, and the democratic process, organization president Patti Strand opened the conference.

"None of us can afford to sit this one out," she said, and the weekend began with a panel of experts discussing the need to conserve wildlife while maintaining a balance between human and animal needs. Biomedical researchers, regular targets of domestic terrorism, talked about the infiltration and mischaracterization of their work by extremists intent on ending animal based research.

Day two featured speakers from the US Department of Agriculture, the fur industry, rodeo, AKC, and ranching. An FBI agent told the audience how law enforcement investigates domestic terrorism, and several targets of terrorism told stories of infiltration, threats, attempts at intimidation, vandalism, arson, and other crimes.

Two speakers told of international ramifications of animal rights and environmental radicalism in campaigns aimed at poor nations. Eugene LaPointe, former Secretary General of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, told how the actions of radical environmental groups interfere with human progress in Third World nations and Paul Driessen, author of Eco-Imperialism: Green Power, Black Death, spoke about death and debilitation in African nations where extremists have blocked the use of DDT to control malaria.

The second day wrapped up with discussions of legislative solutions to turn the tables on the terrorists and uphold traditional American values of freedom and the right to own property. Several speakers and participants remained in Washington to visit their congressmen the following day.


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