Terrorism Law Strengthened But for Radicals, It’s Business as Usual

Terrorism Law Strengthened But for Radicals, It’s Business as Usual

By: Staff  Date: 01/9/2012 Category: | Animal Legislation | Animal Rights Extremism |

NAIA has worked for changes to the Animal Enterprise Protection Act for several years, and when President Bush signed the federal anti-terrorism act this summer, he brought those efforts to fruition. Along with provisions for protecting the country from foreign terrorist attacks, the bill includes an amendment to broaden the scope of violations and penalties for raids on and interference with animal enterprises, including farms, ranches, biomedical research institutions, circuses, zoos, rodeos, and other animal interests.

The bill also mandates compilation of a comprehensive report on animal rights terrorism within a year.

The amendment was sponsored by Washington Representative George Nethercutt.

Animal rights and environmental extremists do not appear to have heard the word. Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty Now, a group that has stated its determination to destroy Huntingdon Life Sciences, continues to target the company directly with demonstrations and threats and to intimidate employees of companies that support the research corporation with financial backing, insurance, and other services. Several members of SHAC have been arrested in recent weeks, two for stalking an employee of an insurance company and several for violating a court order to stay off company property.

On September 4, the Associated Press reported that milk at a New York dairy farm was contaminated with antibiotics in what appeared to be a repeat of several similar incidents over a six month period ending in March.

In late August, the Animal Liberation Front raided a mink farm in Iowa and released 1200 of the animals, destroyed fences and pens and damaged neighboring soybean fields. Many of the mink were run over by cars or killed by dogs, but about half were recovered.

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