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In the last year, the National Animal Interest Alliance has had the pleasure of adding four outstanding individuals to our Board. We are proud to welcome Thomas Albert, Holly Stump, Donna Herzig and Marty Greer to the NAIA family. Each of them brings an impressive level of expertise to the table from diverse backgrounds and various professional sectors  legal, veterinary, research science, government relations  but all were drawn to NAIA by their common love for animals. We are inspired by their commitment to animals and their owners and to reasonable animal laws and we look forward to working with them on building and shaping the animal welfare movement. These highly respected and qualified people, along with our experience and track record for success distinguish NAIA from all other groups.

Thomas L. Albert, Attorney at Law
Tom Albert is Vice President of Government Relations and Animal Policy for Feld Entertainment, Inc., parent company of Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey ® and the Ringling Bros. Center for Elephant Conservation (CEC) a state-of-the-art breeding and conservation center in Florida, recognized and respected worldwide for their Asian elephant breeding program, the most successful program outside of Asia, with 20 Asian elephant births. Before joining Feld, Mr. Albert was in private practice in Washington, D.C., where he represented wildlife, natural resource, public lands and conservation issues before Congress and various federal and local regulatory bodies. Mr. Albert received his Juris Doctor cum laude from The American University - Washington College of Law.

Holly Stump
Holly grew up on her grandfather’s horse farm, which was also the location of his veterinary practice. Holly’s exposure to animals throughout her life precipitated strong support of responsible animal use and the welfare of animals.  It also fostered an interest in biology that led her to a career in Biotechnology. Holly’s first dog was a street find that was probably an American Staffordshire Terrier, a breed that both she and her mother continue to cherish, breed and show. Holly’s loyalty to this breed thrust her into the legislative arena where she has fought breed specific legislation (BSL) since the mid 1990’s. Holly works with therapy animals, is a member of many AKC clubs and is a provisional evaluator for the American Temperament Test Society.

Donna Herzig, Attorney at Law
Donna Herzig has worn many hats throughout her multifaceted career, including teacher, business consultant and tax attorney while feeding a passion for breeding champion dogs. As part of a natural progression reflecting her legal background as well as her active involvement in the sport of pure bred dogs for over 27 years, Donna has served on numerous legislative policy and drafting committees. Her efforts have been focused on the issues surrounding the government-private ownership relationship of humans and animals with a commitment to honoring the human-animal bond and ensuring fair and non-discriminatory laws.  Donna has served as legislative chairman for the past 16 years for the Louisville Kennel Club and is directly involved in current litigation challenging the constitutionality of a severely harmful ordinance passed in Louisville, Kentucky.

Dr. Marty Greer, DVM
Dr Greer has run the Brownsville/Lomira Small Animal Clinic in Wisconsin since 1982, working extensively with clients who breed and compete with their dogs. She counsels clients seeking assistance in making dog breeding decisions and frequently lectures on canine reproduction. In 2002, she opened the International Canine Semen Bank-Wisconsin, which allows breeders to preserve their dog’s semen for use at another time or a remote location. Considered a specialist in her field, Dr. Greer has contributed to pharmaceutical and nutritional research as an investigator for Abbott Laboratory, Deprenyl Animal Health, Pfizer Animal Health, and Hill's Pet food Corporation and was appointed to the Wisconsin Veterinary Examining Board. Dr. Greer is currently pursuing her law degree at Marquette University.

At this critical time in the growth of our organization we are extremely proud of the expertise of our board and staff.  They will help us work tirelessly in the months and years ahead to speak for the pet owners, professionals and others who work closely with animals, and ensure that reason and responsibility prevail in the animal welfare debate. We hope you will consider making a donation to NAIA today to reaffirm your support for the public education and advocacy services we provide.

Thank you for your continued support!

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