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Anne Edwards, Dr. Mary Burch, Steve Lindsay, and Dr. L. Grabriel Navar have joined the board of directors of the National Animal Interest Alliance.

Anne Edwards

Anne Edwards has bred champion St. Bernard dogs since 1969 and Persian cats since 1979. In 1988, her Soest Hill Kennel produced the second best St. Bernard in the US, and in 1989 she had a St. Bernard and a Persian cat each qualify for the Purina Invitational Shows, the only owners who ever had a cat and a dog both qualify for these prestigious shows in the same year. Her cats have also won many national placements in the 1990s.

A staunch believer in the rights of responsible animal ownership, Edwards is co-founder of the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners, Inc., and is active in legislative issues affecting animal owners in her state.

A former high school mathematics and science teacher, she also worked as a research scientist at the Harvard University Department of Chemistry from 1960-63 while her husband attended graduate school. She also worked as a veterinary technician for three years while on summer break from teaching. At Harvard, she raised and cared for laboratory animals and performed research in the use of radioactive tracers in cholesterol metabolism. The group leader received a Nobel Prize for this work.

Edwards and her husband also ran a boarding and grooming kennel in Missouri. They discontinued the boarding business in 1994, and Edwards keeps busy with the grooming business, her cats, and lobbying for the MFAO.

Mary Burch, PhD

Mary Burch is a well-known author of books about dogs and is the director of the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen program. A Certified Behavior Analyst and a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist with the Animal Behavior Society, Burch wrote How Dogs Learn, a book about learning theory applied to canine behavior, with Jon. S. Bailey PhD; Volunteering with Your Pet, a book about therapy dogs; and The Border Collie, a breed profile of this remarkable herding breed. She is a winner of the Maxwell Award from the Dog Writer's Association of America for her dog-related writing.

Burch has trained dogs for advanced obedience competition and has had behavioral research published by the US Department of Education. She is also a founding member of the Animal Trainer's Forum in the Association for Behavior Analysis.

Steve Lindsay

Steve Lindsay, MA, is a dog behavior consultant and trainer with Canine Behavioral Services in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he teaches dog handling and training based on ethological principles. He also conducts seminars on dog behavior and training, has written several articles about behavior modification and other aspects of dog training, and is the author of the Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training, Volume I: Adaptation and Learning.

Victoria Voith, DVM, PhD, wrote in the forward to Lindsay's book: This is a monumental work arising from the love of dogs and pursuit of knowledge. Cynophiles, academics, animal behaviorists (with and without institutional degrees), literate dog owners, and anyone who has ever wanted to know something specific or just plain more about dogs are indebted to Steve Lindsay for this labor of love, a Handbook of Applied Dog Behavior and Training."

Luis Gabriel Navar, PhD

Luis Gabriel Navar, PhD, is well-known for his work in kidney and cardiovascular research. He has been active on committees and projects for the American Physiological Society and was president of the organization in 1998-99. After serving on several university faculties, Navar became chairman of the Department of Physiology at Tulane University School of Medicine in Louisiana in 1988, a position he currently holds.

Navar has won several awards, including a Research Career Development Award (1974-79), National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute MERIT Award (1988-97), AAAS Fellow (1996), and the Renal Section's Gottschalk Distinguished Lectureship (1997). Along with his tenure as a teacher and his participation in APS, he has been active in several other medical societies for renal and cardiovascular research and has been project leader or co-investigator on many kidney research projects.

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