JAMA article: NAIA president urges scientists to speak out

JAMA article: NAIA president urges scientists to speak out

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In its section on medical news and perspectives, the August 18 edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association urged scientists to help the public understand the need for animals in biomedical research.

NAIA president Adrian Morrison DVM, PhD was featured in the article as an early target of the animal rights movement. In 1990, activists vandalized his laboratory and publicly vilified him for his use of cats in sleep research. But Morrison fought back, not only defending his work but exposing the animal rights agenda for its anti-science message and helping other scientists to stand up for their rights and for responsible, humane animal use.

Morrison's work in sleep research has resulted in treatments for rapid eye movement sleep disorders in humans. He also helped develop policies for animal use in sleep research for two organizations.

The JAMA article, a report on the joint meeting of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and the Sleep Research Society, highlighted the effects that animal rights attacks have had on research and gave suggestions to help scientists explain their research plans to the public and overcome the emotional appeal of animals rights advocates. Researchers can explain that

  1. past research lays the foundation for future work;
  2. the minimum number of animals will be used to achieve the results;
  3. animals will be treated humanely and according to federal regulations;
  4. research will improve human or animal health and well-being in specific ways.

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