CDC Extends Suspension of Dog Imports from Countries with High Rabies Prevalence 

CDC Extends Suspension of Dog Imports from Countries with High Rabies Prevalence 

By: Patti Strand  Date: 02/2/2023 Category: | Animal Legislation | Animals and Society | Veterinary Issues |

The National Animal Interest Alliance (NAIA) welcomes actions taken by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to protect the public's health against the reintroduction of the dog-maintained rabies virus variant (DMRVV) into the United States.

Last week, the CDC announced they would extend a temporary suspension of dogs imported from high-risk rabies-enzootic countries through July 31, 2023. In addition, beginning in March, all foreign-vaccinated dogs entering the country must have a microchip record accompanying their rabies vaccination paperwork. An alarming increase in the number of rabies-positive dogs entering the U.S. first prompted the CDC to take action in June of 2021, banning canine imports from nearly 100 countries.

NAIA strongly supports CDC’s efforts to protect animal and public health from rabies, as well as supporting a proactive, commonsense legislative framework to ensure that dogs entering the country are healthy, including the 90% of imported dogs that fall outside the scope of CDC’s notice. For years, public health agencies have documented cases where imported dogs have brought in new strains of canine influenza, leptospirosis, screwworm, and other diseases and pests that threaten animal and human health. 

The bipartisan Healthy Dog Importation Act would establish commonsense health and vaccination requirements for all dogs imported into the U.S. and help eliminate the need for blanket suspension. NAIA looks forward to the reintroduction of this legislation in the 118th Congress.

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