Resolution: National Animal Interest Alliance Animal Law Conference March 4-5, 2000

Resolution: National Animal Interest Alliance Animal Law Conference March 4-5, 2000

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Portland, Oregon: The key observation arising from the NAIA Animal Law Conference is that the promotion of animal - rights beliefs has produced unacceptable consequences that include ongoing violations of fundamental human rights.

The delegation of Inuit people from Arctic Canada have eloquently described how their culture, livelihoods and society are being devastated by the animal-rights inspired Marine Mammal Protection Act - a law which contradicts accepted principles of sustainable use and environmental conservation.

This outdated legislation arbitrarily bans the import of seal products from an abundant species and violates the American ideal of individual freedom and the rights of the people to self determination, including the right to use and trade abundant local resources.

We believe that the American people would be shocked and distressed to discover that the MMPA has so severely harmed so many people and cultures. This law disrupts the ecological relationship with which indigenous people have lived in harmony with the environment as active practitioners of sustainable use.

Seals are abundant in Arctic Canada and other regions and provide a vital source of food in Arctic communities, but provisions of the MMPA prevent Inuit and other people from fully utilizing animals upon which they depend for their survival, because trade is prohibited.

Therefore this assembly of the NAIA:

I) Calls for the amendment of the MMPA to allow for the import of seal products, to protect US commercial and recreational fisheries, and to bring the MMPA into accord with the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) as implemented by the Endangered Species Act and the Uruguay Round Agreements under the WTO; and,:

II) Resolves to work to inform the American public and legislators about the injustice which has been done by this law; and,

III) Calls upon all people and organizations that respect human rights to join us in our efforts to right the wrongs that have been done.

This resolution was unanimously approved by the NAIA Animal Law conference assembly in Portland, Oregon. March 5th, 2000 and ratified by the NAIA Board.

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