Pat Hastings: Teaching by Example — An Advocate for Purebred Dog Breeders

Pat Hastings: Teaching by Example — An Advocate for Purebred Dog Breeders

Pat Hastings has been involved in the dog world since 1959. Early on, she was active in 4-H dog events, helping youngsters become good dog people. She moved into the world of dog shows as an owner-handler and then on to breeding and professional handling with her late husband, E.R. “Bob” Hastings. They were active in several kennel clubs, chaired all-breed shows and the Doberman Pinscher National Specialty. After retiring as professional handlers, they went into judging. Today, Pat is an AKC-approved judge for the Working, Herding and Non-Sporting groups, as well as Junior Showmanship and Best in Show.

During their years of involvement with their clients’ breeding programs, Bob and Pat did extensive research in the development of a structural evaluation process that is the subject of their best-selling instructional video, Puppy Puzzle: The Hastings Approach to Evaluating the Structural Quality of Puppies.

In 1998, Pat founded Dogfolk Enterprises to contribute to the education of breeders, owners, handlers, judges and all other dog enthusiasts. She teamed up with Erin Ann Rouse to create the Puppy Puzzle video and her book Tricks of the Trade: From Best Intentions to Best In Show and were co-editors on the book Another Piece of the Puzzle: Puppy Development as well. Dogfolk Enterprises also published K-9 Structure and Terminology, by Edward M. Gilbert and Thelma R. Brown. Her seminars, presentations and litter evaluations have benefited breeders and other dog fanciers for nearly 20 years, and her articles have appeared in such publications as the AKC Gazette, Dog News, Clean Run and numerous breed magazines.

Pat’s philosophy revolves around the application of personal integrity, hard work, respect and common sense. She contends that our willingness to keep learning is our single most important asset and attribute. She learned firsthand the responsibilities involved in conscientious breeding and has encountered repeatedly in her career the dedication, compassion and generosity common among the best breeders with whom she has worked. “Teaching by Example” sets the stage for these breeders’ profiles.




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