Norma Bennett Woolf: An Advocate for Dog Training

Norma Bennett Woolf: An Advocate for Dog Training

Norma Bennett Woolf has been teaching public training classes in Cincinnati-area dog clubs for more than 15 years. She currently teaches puppy and basic level classes at AKC-member Queen City Dog Training Club in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is training four Canaan Dogs for obedience competition. She sits on the board of the Clermont County Kennel Club and the Canaan Dog Club of America and works with Ohio Valley Dog Owners Inc. to battle anti-dog laws in Ohio and the Ohio River Valley.

Norma and her husband Tom published Dog Owner’s Guide, a regional newspaper for pet and show dog owners, from 1991-2004, and now maintain the Dog Owner’s Guide website at Norma also served as NAIA News editor from 1993-2005, and wrote the introduction to the new Barron’s book Top Dogs!

“My training recipe is to teach dogs by guiding them to success; to teach owners to mix creativity, fun, and consistency in their relationship with their pets; and to toss in a smidgeon of tough love when necessary. These ingredients can lead to the best that the human-animal bond has to offer.”



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