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The mission of NAIA is to promote animal welfare, strengthen the human-animal bond and safeguard the rights of responsible animal owners. With your support we will achieve that mission for everyone who cares about animals.


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NAIA is a leading advocate in the fight to protect our animals, preserve the human animal bond and expose and defeat the radical animal rights agenda. To these ends, NAIA conducts research, develops policy positions and raises awareness about important issues of the day. NAIA Trust, ( an associated group, uses this information to alert constituents and lobby.

Campaigns & Articles

NAIA’s current campaign is a huge success. With the help of our members, we have distributed more than 7,000 copies of the great children’s book, if I Ran the Dog Show to schools, public libraries and other places where children gather. NAIA’s library is also a tremendous asset. It contains hundreds of articles written by subject matter experts and respected authors. Spend time in our library and you’ll appreciate NAIA even more.

Programs & Projects

The NAIA Shelter Project is a unique and invaluable research program dedicated to understanding shelter population trends, reducing euthanasia of adoptable pets, improving pet health and welfare, reducing infectious and zoonotic disease transmission, and fighting consumer fraud.

Conference / Seminars

NAIA hosts world class conferences each year. They feature the most important subjects of the day and useful workshops, all presented by leading experts and top speakers.


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Research with animals is critical for saving and improving human and animal lives, and dogs are still a necessary part of this process.

The dogs who are involved in medical research help us understand and treat a variety of cancers, cardiovascular, metabolic, joint, skeletal, muscular, neurologic, and even cognitive disorders. These dogs are heroes to countless people and animals: we literally owe them our lives, and many of them need homes when their work is done.

Would you like to help us find them the loving homes they deserve? Through Homes for Animal Heroes, you can! Show your gratitude. Share your love. Support a Hero!

Learn more about this wonderful program by clicking here!


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If you would like to set up a gift membership, or make a donation in memory or honor of a special person or animal, please click here, fill out the attached form and we'll do the rest. Thank you!



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Sign up for Amazon Smile and they’ll make a donation of .5% to the charity of your choice. Make NAIA your charity and when you shop @AmazonSmile, Amazon will make a donation to National Animal Interest Alliance.

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Sign up for Goodsearch or Goodshop and pick NAiA Trust or National Animal Interest Alliance as your charity. Then shop ‘til you drop. You’ll get great value with top brands and NAIA or NAIA Trust will get a portion of every purchase.
Goodshop includes Office Max, Best Buy, T Mobile and even the Holiday Inn.

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Donate Your Car To NAIA

Now you can donate your car, truck, boat, trailer or RV to the National Animal Interest Alliance. If you have any questions you would like answered previous to initiating the donation process please feel free to email or call us toll-free at 1-800-237-5714 seven days a week