Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 2006

Crime in the Name of Animal Rights—Archive: 2006

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December 19, 2006 Princeton, NJ:  ALF activists cut fencing and released quail, peasants, and partridges at the Griggstown Quail Farm.  The birds were freed onto a busy highway, and could not survive in the wild.  The bodies of many were found, and none have been retrieved alive.  Approximately 2,500 birds were released, at a cost of $80,000 and represented the breeding stock for next year.

December 18, 2006 New York, NY:  ALF activists claim to have glued locks on many fur, leather and wool stores in a three-block section of Manhattan.

December 14, 2006, US East Coast:  Animal Rights Militia activists claim to have contaminated 487 bottles of POM Wonderful ;juice to protest the company’s animal research.  No tampered bottles have been found.  The use of “tampering hoaxes” has been touted by AR militants as useful “direct action.”  Additionally, masked protestors have stalked POM employees at their homes.  The California State Court has issued a preliminary injunction to try to stop the harassment.

December 10, 2006  Mexico:  FLA (Funte de Liberacion Animal) activists claim to have vandalized a fur store and a KFC.

November 21, 2006  Milan, Italy:  Animal rights extremists calling themselves "Fronte Liberazione Animale (FLA)” broke into the Harlan breeding facility.  Animal were stolen, laboratory equipment destroyed and internal walls were smeared with blood and feces, which the company believes were video-taped to give a false impression of their business.  FLA claimed to have stolen 25 monkeys and 1,000 mice.

November 20, 2006 Oxford, England:  An arson attack damaged the roof of an Oxford University sports pavilion. Police are not ruling out the possibility that animal rights activists are responsible for the attack as part of the campaign against the building of the new animal testing laboratory.

November 16, 2006 Willingale, Essex, England:  Hunt saboteurs sprayed liquid into the face and eyes of an eight year old girl, and deliberately spooked the horse of a fourteen year old rider, who was thrown.  They also scraped six inch nails along the side of the hunt vehicle.

November 11, 2006  Vienna, Austria:  Animal rights extremists claim to have cut down fifteen boar-hunting platforms, damaged a hunting lodge, and destroyed many boar and deer feeding stations.

November 6, 2006 Foxton, Australia:  Animal rights activists broke into a poultry farms and stole twenty hens, in a protest over caging.  The spokesman for the group said many more raids are planned.

November 5, 2006 Galicia, Spain:  Animal rights extremists broke into a mink farm and freed 1400 mink.  Three weeks earlier, several farms in the area were attacked and 15,000 mink released.

November 5, 2006 Virginia:  Animal rights activist claim to have stolen 36 turkeys from a turkey farm.

October 31, 2006 Standlake, UK:  Arsonists torched six fully loaded egg trucks, causing £250,000 in damages.  More than 50 firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to nearby buildings containing thousands of hens.   ALF has claimed responsibility for the attack.

October 23, 2006  Switzerland:  Swiss ALF activists threatened to steal a rare white tiger from the Circus Royal.  When they broke into the circus they changed their minds and stole a rabbit instead, subsequently posting online pictures of black-clad activists with the rabbit.  The rabbit wasn’t even in the circus, but was the pet of the clown’s young daughter.

October 15, 2006 Galicia, Spain:  Seventeen thousand mink were released in co-ordinated attacks by animal rights extremists on three mink farms.  A farm owner said most of the mink will probably starve to death, since they were raised in captivity and don’t know how to hunt.

October 3, Hilt, CA:  “ELF” was scrawled on logging machinery that was extensively vandalized by people who had master keys and were familiar with the equipment.  Damage is estimated at a half-million dollars and is said by the owner to have ruined his small logging business and put 20 families out of work.

September 28, 2006 Cambridge, MA:  Animal rights extremists are suspected of setting fire to the Boston Tropical Fish and Reptile store.  Graffiti saying “No more exploitation of animals” and other slogans was found inside and outside the store.  Firefighters were unsure how to try to rescue some of the animals, not knowing if any of the snakes were poisonous.  Snakes, turtles, lizards, and fish were killed.  Power had to be cut to the building - a concern due to the special environmental conditions some of the species need to survive, as well as possible injury from smoke inhalation.

September 22, 2006  Hardwick, MA:  ALF claimed responsibility for stealing 23 rabbits from Capralogics Corp.  In an anonymous message to the ALF press office, the extremists said “This liberation is dedicated to the SHAC-7 and was done in direct response to the government's assault on them.  Not a single member of the judge, jury and prosecution have the compassion, the conviction, or the courage of any of those six individuals, and they never will."

September 22, 2006  Manchester, England: Madeline Buckler was jailed for two years for sending anonymous threatening letters to the owners of Darley Oaks farm and their friends.  She admitted intimidation of persons associated with testing on animals, and is the second person to be sentenced under new legislation drawn up as part of the Serious and Organized Crime Act to protect companies from animal rights activists. Her boyfriend, John Smith, was imprisoned for 12 years in April with three others for conspiring to blackmail the Hall family, who ran Darley Oaks Farm.

September 19, 2006  Trenton, NJ: Andrew Stepanian, SHAC’s New York coordinator, was sentenced to three years in federal prison, and Darius Fullmer, an organizer who researched the group's targets, was sentenced to a year and a day in prison.

September 14, 2006, Argyll, Scotland:  ALF extremists released thousands of farmed halibut and caused £500,000 worth of damage at a fish farm.  Pens were destroyed, and offices, a boat and a crane were wrecked.  Marine experts said it was unlikely the fish could survive in the wild, and thousands of dead fish are being washed up along the west coast of Scotland. The halibut died from starvation or getting caught in seaweed. They were also being eaten by herring gulls and otters.

September 14, 2006 Trenton, NJ: Joshua Harper, a West Coast coordinator for SHAC was sentenced to 36 months.

September 13, 2006  Fife, Scotland:  Animal rights activists destroyed £5000 of fencing, breaking down hundreds of meters of fence,  freed 400 deer at a hill deer farm..  The deer returned to their field when the morning feed was put out.  The farm had been attacked in March, with ALF claiming responsibility, leaving a painted message saying “See you soon.”

September 12, 2006 Trenton, NJ:  SHAC and SHAC activists sentenced:

• SHAC, (Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty USA) as a corporation received 5 years of probation, fined $400 for each count, and was ordered to pay restitution of $1,000,001.  It was noted that SHAC was essentially defunct. The convicted activists will share in the responsibility for payment of the fines and restitution.
The six counts are:

  • Count One, Conspiracy to violate the Animal Enterprise Protection Act
    for its campaign to put HLS out of business and terrorize its employees
    and harass and intimidate other companies doing business with HLS, as
    well as their employees;
  • Count Two, Conspiracy to Commit Interstate Stalking;
  • Counts Three, Four and Five, each charging Interstate Stalking of
    specific victims;
  • Count Six, Conspiracy to Use a Telecommunications Device to Abuse,
    Threaten and Harass Persons.

• Kevin Kjonaas (aka Jonas), 28, the former president of SHAC, who had been found guilty on all six counts, was sentenced to 72 months in prison.
• Lauren Gazzola, 26, the former SHAC campaign coordinator who was also found guilty on all six counts was sentenced to 52 months in prison.
• Jacob Conroy, 30, a coordinator and SHAC’s website manager, also guilty on all six counts, was sentenced to 48 months in prison.

After the prison terms are served, each defendant will be on supervised probation for three years and will face restrictions, including use of the Internet.

August 24 2006 New York, NY: Calvin Klein and Karl Langerfeld were rushed by a gang of fur protestors outside the Council of Fashion Designers of America Awards.  Klein was hit on the chin by a tofu cream pie, that was meant for Landerfeld as Klein doesn’t use fur.  Six PETA activists were arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

August 18, 2006 Canton, Cumbria, UK:  A gang of about 30 masked hunt saboteurs wielding baseball bats threatened women, smashed up rods, damaged cars and started fights in an unprovoked attack on a group of anglers. Two fishermen were assaulted and a woman was punched in the face. North West Hunt Saboteurs said last year that it would start targeting fishing groups by disrupting angling competitions.  The group of extremists had earlier tried to disrupt a grouse shoot.

August 18, 2006  Reading, England:  Animal rights extremist Donald Currie, described by police as “ALF”s main active bomber”  pleaded guilty at Reading Crown Court to arson and to possessing explosive substances with intent to endanger life and property.  He admitted firebombing homes and cars of people linked to HLS. (see March 27, 2006 and September 28, 2005)  Police have linked him to several more attacks. Currie admitted having an arsenal of explosives he planned to use on further targets.  Sentencing will be on September 29.

August 8, 2006 Armadale, Scotland:  ALF extremists are suspected of causing £20,000 worth of damage at a greyhound track.  They broke in and damaged vehicles, cut power wires, and spray-painted ALF and graffiti over offices and other parts of the stadium.  ALF was blamed for a similar incident at the track in February, which caused £10,000 in damage.

August 7, 2006 Los Angeles, CA:  The ALF claimed it received a message from a researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles, pledging to stop his experiments using monkeys.  According to the ALF Press Office, the message stated “You win,” and asked that the researcher’s name be removed from websites and that his family be left alone.  Protests had been held at his home, and leaflets sent to his neighbors.

August 7, 2006  Phoenix, AZ:  Rodney Coronado was sentenced to eight months in prison and three years supervised release for interfering with a mountain lion hunt.  He was convicted in December of conspiracy to impede or injure an officer of the United States, a felony,  and of misdemeanor counts of interfering with a forest officer and damaging government property.   His co-conspirator, Matthew Crozier, was given three years probation and 100 hours community service.

August 6, 2006  Edinburgh, Scotland:  The names of more than 100 researchers at Edinburgh University were published on the Internet by an ALF splinter group.  The names were gathered from a firm that supplies rodents for research.  The site has been taken down by the service provider.

August 5, 2006  Guelph, Canada:  Police are investigating an arson at a home under construction – the third in less than three months.  ELF claimed responsibility for the earlier fires.

August 2, 2006  Oxford, England:  ALF activists claim to have conducted a series of attacks on University buildings and four firms working for the University.  They claim to have glued locks, disabled swipe card devices and vandalized cars and buildings.

August 1, 2006 Los Angeles, CA:  ALF activists claimed to have used a paint bomb to damage the home of the L.A. Animal Services Commander.

August 1, 2006 England:  ALF extremists claim to have sent seven “hoax devices” that resembled bombs to the home of individuals working for HLS clients and suppliers.  Police bomb squads have had to be called to the incidents.

August 1, 2006  Barnsley, England:  Several deer died after animal rights extremists cut fences and herded hundreds of deer out of the Round Green Venison Farm.  Many were nursing mothers whose calves must now be hand-fed if they are to survive.

July 29, 2006  London, Canada:  Ten constructions sites have been vandalized with the damage total now over $300,000.  Damage has been confined to various construction vehicles.   The same method was used in all cases by someone with a knowledge of heavy equipment.  ELF eco-terrorists are suspected.

July 28, 2006  London, Canada:  Eco-terrorists believed to be ELF vandalized construction equipment at four sites, causing $100,000 in damage.  Cement and gravel was put into fuel tanks, tires slashed, and wires cut.  Previously, similar attacks occurred in Toronto, Guelph, and Branford.

July 28, 2006  Athens, Greece:  Two McDonalds and a Starbucks were damaged in an arson attack.

July 28, 2006  Gosport, England:  ALF activists cut wire fencing and stole nine small goats.  The goats are part of a herd of 50 used for research on decompression to help submariners escape from submarines at depth.

July 25, 2006 Kingston, England:  Animal rights activists Natasha Avery and Heather Nicholson, the wife and ex-wife of SHAC founder Greg Avery were jailed for 16 months following their attack on a family driving in a car displaying a pro-hunting sticker.  Daniel Wadham, the third attacker, was sentenced to 12 months in a Young Offenders Institute.  The grandmother, who was driving when they were attacked and tail-gated, and the grandson are now afraid to drive alone. (See July 3, 2006 article.)

July 22, 2006 Eugene; OR:  Six ELF/ALF members who were indicted for a range of crimes throughout the West between 1996 and 2001 entered into plea agreements and vowed to help officials in prosecuting other defendants in return for lighter sentences for themselves. The six: Stanislaus Meyerhoff, 29; Chelsea Gerlach, 29; Susanne Savoie, 29; Kendall Tankersley, 29; Kevin Tubbs, 37; and Darren Thurston, 36; admitted to being members of the Earth Liberation Front and  Animal Liberation Front.  They were involved in 16 arsons and attempted arsons, causing $20 million in damage. The ELF and ALF arson attacks hit a range of targets, including Forest Service buildings, a private poplar farm, a wild-horse corral in eastern Oregon, an SUV dealership in Eugene, and the 1998 fires at the Vail ski area caused an estimated $12 million in damages.

July 19, 2006 Sacramento, CA: Three ELF activists were video and audiotaped by an informant for the FBI, discussing reconnaissance and what supplies were needed to make bombs.  They were seen scouting a dam and Forest Service structures.  Zachery Jenson and Lauren Weiner pled guilty to one count of conspirace.  Eric Taylor McDavid is in custody and will go to trial.

July 14, 2006 Chichester, England: Four SHAC activists were convicted of burglary for stealing hundreds of birds, rodents, rabbits, dogs and records from a breeding center owned by a pet shop owner who bred animals for sale in his store. In the raid last July they cut through a wire fence, smashed a window, and took about 300 birds, including parrots and finches, more than 40 rabbits and about 50 rats, plus an unknown number of guinea-pigs. Seventeen pet dogs were also stolen and have never been found. Two young activists convincted are described as rising stars who are being groomed as leaders of the animal rights movement.

July 14, 2006 Toronto, Canada: A dozen construction vehicles at the CityPlace condo development site were vandalized by ELF radicals.  Dirt was poured into the gas tanks and air filters, causing damage estimated at $2 million.  Two similar incidents occurred in Branford on July 17.

July 13, 2006 Bel-Air, CA: ALF has claimed credit for attempting to set off a crude incendiary device two weeks ago. The device, which resembled others used by animal rights extremists and eco-terrorists, did not go off, and was planted at the home of a 70 year old woman, instead of at the home of the target, a UCLA psychiatry professor studying primate behavior. The LA Joint Terrorism Task Force is investigating, and a $10,000 reward is offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the perpetrator.

July 5, 2006 Guelph, Canada: In an e-mail ELF claimed responsibility for a fire which razed a house under construction, causing about $200,000 in damage. ELF has been linked to four fires in Guelph in the last year. In January, a fire at an unfinished home on Dawn Avenue caused $5,000 damage. In October, a blaze at the Cutten Club's pro shop caused $200,000 damage. Last June, fires at the new Zellers store on Stone Road and the Church of Our Lady caused $25,000 damage on the same night. That brings to $430,000 the total damages caused by suspicious blazes in the city since last June.

July 3, 2006 Kingston, England: Three animal rights activists, Heather Nicholson, Natasha Avery (founding members of SHAC) and Daniel Wadham pled guilty to one count of affray, and may be sentenced to jail. On November 9, 2005 the three attacked a family for having a pro-hunting sticker on their car. Stuck in a traffic jam they spit, screamed obscenities, and pounded on the windows of the family’s car. They pursued the car and the attack resumed at the next traffic light, where they tried to pull the son out of the car, and hit the 75 year old grandmother. Other motorists came to the rescue of the family until the police arrived.

June 11, 2006 Pittsburgh, PA: The locks of all the doors of two restaurants serving foie gras were super-glued shut, and graffiti sprayed on the building. Other restaurants owned by chefs who refused to sign a letter from Voices for Animals promising never to serve foie gras have also been vandalized.

May 25, 2006 Wiltshire, England: ALF claimed responsibility for cutting fences and releasing a herd of red deer from a deer sanctuary. The ALF website said "We had to leave a group of baby deer imprisoned at the farm because they were too young to fend for themselves. We will return, and these deer will be saved from certain death. We will not let these innocent animals end up on the dinner table. This is just the beginning." The property is not a deer farm, and “baby deer” are actually a herd of mature fallow deer. The owner of the sanctuary said "This was a herd that was living happily and securely. They were watered and fed and now they are in unknown territory in which they are not suited or used to."

April 29, 2006 Howard Lake, MN: ALF activists who thought they were raiding a mink farm, mistakenly opened 200 pens on a farm raising ferrets as pets. Breeding records and the guard fence were destroyed. All but 10-15 ferrets were recovered. Clearly showing that the activists thought the animals were mink, a post on the ALF Press Office website said in part, “ Finally, to all fur farmers, furriers, and profiters of death, this is the last warning: close down your buisnesses, or with boltcutters, fire, and storm, we'll do it for you. You can try to scare us, you can try to imprison us, and you can even try to kill us, but the day we stop will be the day that the last animal has been freed from its cage.”

April 17, 2006 Stockholm, Sweden: Animal Rights activists claimed, on the Internet, to have drilled through walls at Stockholm University and stolen 126 animals, as well as spray-painting slogans in the building.

April 15, 2006 Santa Cruz, CA: Six SUV’s were vandalized with spray-painted slogans and slashed tires. One owner saw a group of 30 to 40 men, on bicycles and wearing black trench coats riding away after one slashed all four tires on her car, parked in front of her house.

April 14, 2006 Bamford, England: ALF activists posted threats on the Internet against businessmen said to have links with HLS. The development comes two weeks after Mr. Greenhalgh, boss of Strand Transport Services Ltd, was sent a hoax bomb through the post to his home address. Along with posting the names and addresses of five couples, the anonymous post states in part “Over the last two weeks five sophisticated but harmless dummy explosive devices were sent to the home addresses of senior personnel of companies who foolishly persist in supporting HLS. They will remain a target of the ALF until they cease all involvement with the lab… This was not personal intimidation aimed at the individual, but an action carried out to sabotage and disrupt their company’s business relation with Huntingdon Life Sciences… More actions will be carried out against these companies unless they sever all ties with HLS”

April 4, 2006 Bamfield, England: Animal rights activists are suspected to be behind a fake bomb sent to a local home. The homeowner works for a company that has dealings with a laboratory conducting animal tests.

April 4, 2006 Scotchfort, Canada: A homemade firebomb was thrown into a lobster boat. Damage was minimal.

March 28, 2006 Lanark, Scotland: ALF activists destroyed £ 10,000 worth of fencing, believing the Newmill trout fishery to be a deer farm. Fencing had been destroyed at a deer-farm in Fife the same week. The Lanark deer farm operation had been closed six years ago, and the 18 red deer kept on the site were pets. Eight of the escaped deer had to be shot to prevent them from straying onto a nearby busy road or falling prey to poachers. Two cars at the site had their tires slashed. An ALF spokesman claimed the group was behind both recent incidents. He insisted it did not matter that the Lanark premises was no longer a deer farm. "The activists may have been slightly influenced if they had known the deer were not farmed but they are still in captivity," the spokesman said. "We are still opposed to imprisonment of animals such as in circuses and zoos. It is an extension to the moral question of slavery. It would still be a legitimate ALF action."

March 28, 2006 West Lothian, Scotland: Animal rights activists are believed to be behind an attack at a greyhound track that caused more than £10,000 worth of damage. ALF graffiti and threats were spray painted on fences, all electric cables were cut, three tractors wrecked and the track safety boards dismantled. CCTV footage showed several masked figures scaling the fences. Dog racing went on as scheduled, but speedway bike races, which the track also serves, suffered the most damage.

March 27, 2006 Caversham, England: A crude petrol bomb was found outside the home of a director of PDP Courier Services which supplies HLS. The director said she had been targeted by ALF before, by acid attacks on her family’s two cars. A second bomb was found in the yard of a nearby house where it had apparently been discarded. The intruder was apprehended, and four others arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to cause explosions. Robin Webb, of ALF, said: “[she] is a legitimate target for people working to end the appalling suffering of animals at the hands of Huntingdon Life Sciences. The ALF has been targeting Huntingdon Life Sciences for more than 20 years and will continue to do so until its work is halted.”

March 24, 2006 Fife, Scotland: Animal rights activists attacked a deer farm, leaving ALF slogans and a threat to return painted on the road. Hundreds of meters of fence was destroyed, but no animals escaped.

March 19, 2006 Hampshire, England: ALF claimed to have cut wiring and destroyed cooling systems on transmitters belonging to Vodafone. The company is being targeted for providing money to projects at Oxford, although the work does not involve animals. Vodafone said that its projects involved using mobile phone technology to monitor diabetes and chemotherapy patients.

March 12, 2006 Salem, OR: ELF slogans were spray-painted on three homes under construction, and a window of one house was broken.

January 30, 2006 England: The home of the company secretary of GlaxoSmithKline was vandalized by ALF activists, and threats against him posted on the ALF website.

January 30, 2006 Guelph, Canada: In an e-mail message to the Guelph Mercury, the ELF claimed responsibility for an arson attack on a home under construction, causing $5000 in damages. Investigators are looking into possible links to three other ELF attacks in the city in 2005.

January 29, 2006 Kent, England: Fifty thousand trout being raised to stock a reservoir for fishermen were released in a suspected animal rights attack. The damage is estimated at £100,000 and would have required several people and a boat to manipulate the heavy nets comprising the pens.

January 20, 2005 Eugene, OR: Eleven people face domestic terrorism charges for a series of arsons in five Western states. The 65-count federal indictment was unsealed today and announced by US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller. The charges are in connection with 17 incidents claimed by the Animal Liberation Front and the Earth Liberation Front in California, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming from 1996 to 2001.Three of the eleven suspects are fugitives and are believed to have left the country. They are Joseph Dibee, Josephine Sunshine Overaker and Rebecca Rubin. The other eight are in custody: Chelsea Dawn Gerlach, Sarah Kendall Harvey, Daniel Gerard Mc Gowan, Sanislas Gregory Meyerhoff, Darren Todd Thurston and Kevin M. Tubbs. William Rogers committed suicide in jail. The indictment relates to attacks on the following sites:

• Oct. 28, 1996, at the U.S. Forest Service Detroit Ranger Station in Marion County, Ore.
• Oct. 30, 1998, at the U.S. Forest Service Oakridge Ranger Station in Lane County, Ore.
• July 21, 1997, at the Cavel West meat packing company in Deschutes County, Ore.
• Nov. 30, 1997, at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse and Burro Facility in Harney County, Ore.
• June 21, 1997, at the U.S. Department of Agriculture National Wildlife Facility in Olympia, Wash.
• Oct. 11, 1998, at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse Holding Facility in Rock Springs, Wyo.
• Oct. 19, 1998, at the Vail Ski Facility in Vail, Colo.
• Dec. 27, 1998, at U.S. Forest Industries in Jackson County, Ore.
• May 9, 1999, at Childers Meat Co. in Lane County, Ore.
• Dec. 25, 1999, at the Boise Cascade office in Polk County, Ore.
• Dec. 30, 1999, at a Bonneville Power Administration high-tension power line tower near Bend, Ore.
• Sept. 6, 2000, at the Eugene Police Department West University Public Safety Station in Eugene, Ore.
• Jan. 2, 2001, at the Superior Lumber Co. in Douglas County, Ore.
• March 30, 2001, at Joe Romania Chevrolet Truck Center in Eugene, Ore.
• May 21, 2001, at Jefferson Poplar Farms in Columbia County, Ore.
• May 21, 2001, at the University of Washington Horticultural Center in Seattle.
• Oct. 15, 2001, at the U.S. Bureau of Land Management Wild Horse Facility in Litchfield, Calif.

January 19, 2006 Grants Pass, OR: FBI agents investigating a series of arsons claimed by ALF/ELF have arrested Jonathan Mark Christopher Paul, 39, on charges he helped firebomb the Cavel West horsemeat packing plant in Redmond on July 21, 1997. Suzanne Nicole “ India’’ Savoie, 28, remained at large. She was charged with serving as a lookout for the Jan. 2, 2001, firebombing of the Superior Lumber Co. lumber mill offices in Glendale. The two new suspects bring to nine the number of people charged in a series of arsons from 1996 to 2001 in Oregon and Washington. Two of the earlier suspects have been linked to the arson at Vail, Colorado ski resort, but no one has been charged.

January 18, 2006 Camano Island, WA: Ecoterrorists are suspected in an arson fire which gutted a $3million home under construction. A threatening message signed by the ELF was spray-painted on a pink bedsheet draped across the gate of the house.

January 14, 2006 Auburn, CA: FBI agents arrested three people planning attacks on behalf of ELF on unspecified power plants, cell towers, and U. S. Forest Service facilities at various locations in Northern California. Taken into custody were Eric Taylor McDavid, 28, of Foresthill, near Auburn; Zachary Jensen, 20, of Monroe, Wash.; and Lauren Weiner, 20, of Philadelphia. Court documents show alleged links to others who pled guilty to arson in firebomb attacks in Auburn and Amador counties.

January 13, 2006, United Kingdom: A report in the Times Higher Education Supplement states that data given to the national policing unit for domestic extremism show that violent attacks against animal research laboratories and their suppliers are spreading from the UK to other countries. The UK had 83 serious attacks last year. Much activity was focused on Oxford University, which confirmed this week that research funders, including charities, had become the latest targets in the campaign to halt building of its new animal research laboratory. Sweden had 55 violent actions reported. There were 21 attacks in the Netherlands, 18 in Italy, 14 in Switzerland and 12 in both Germany and Spain. Ten other countries were also on the hit list.

January 2, 2006 Oxford, England: ALF extremists claim to have vandalized the office of Oxford Architects, who are engaged the construction of a research laboratory at the University. They claim to have spray-painted the building, slashed tires and spray-painted a car, and glued locks. The claim on the website included “ We must target professors, teachers, heads, students, investors, partners, supporters and ANYONE that dares to deal in any part of the University in any way. There is no time for debate and there is no time for protest, this is make or break time and from now on, ANYTHING GOES.”

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