NAIA 2012 Conference: RACE Approved!

NAIA 2012 Conference: RACE Approved!

By: Patti Strand  Date: 09/5/2012 Category: |

We are pleased to announce that the 2012 NAIA Conference, Brave New World: Caring for Animals in an Age of Mass Media and Misinformation has been approved by the American Association of State Boards RACE committee. Veterinarians and Veterinary technicians who attend are eligible for up to 14 hours of continuing education.

This is a testament to the high quality, leading edge information available at our conferences; we are grateful to all the amazing veterinarians, scientists, and countless animal experts and professionals whose presentations make our conferences possible.

Seats are going fast. If you are a veterinarian or veterinary technician, you now have 14 more reasons to sign up today!

Sign up! What are you waiting for?

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